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The Lawyer Who Treats His Clients Via Telemedicine: Is He Doing Harm or Helping? New Tips 2023

The Lawyer Who Treats His Clients Via Telemedicine: Is He Doing Harm or Helping?

“He was in an accident and I needed to file a case against the insurance company.”

This is what I had heard from my father when he called up the Telemedicine insurance agent’s office to ask for the claim form.

When my father asked for the claim form, the insurance agent told him that he needed to fill in some forms online, and he told him to visit his website and fill the forms.

When my dad came back home, he told me everything. I told him that it is not a good idea to file the claim through telemedicine as insurance companies won’t accept it. I also told him that it is not a safe way of treatment.

When my dad told me all these things, I told him that it is better to consult with a lawyer who is located near to us. He was surprised that a lawyer does not come to our house.

Now, it is my turn to answer his question.

Is telemedicine good or bad?

Let’s talk about this through the points below.

Is it safe?

As per the American Telemedicine Association, telemedicine is one of the safest means to connect patients to their doctors.

“Telemedicine is a method of healthcare delivery in which two or more individuals who are not physically present to each other interact using telecommunications technologies to conduct a medical consultation and/or provide real-time health care services to each other.”

The reason for its safety is that the doctors or the patient can see all of their vital signs and can observe the condition of the patient. They can also hear the voice of the patient.

So, it is safe to treat the patient through telemedicine.

What about the cost factor?

We all know that this is one of the important reasons why people don’t go for telemedicine.

We can save a lot of money if we get a second opinion from a nearby doctor.

When I asked my dad about this, he told me that he did not have enough money to pay the extra money that is required. So, it is very difficult for the patient to pay for the telemedicine fee.

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Is it beneficial?

It will also benefit the patients because the patients can get an instant diagnosis of their conditions.

The telemedicine provides an opportunity for the patient to be in touch with the doctor 24/7.


Telemedicine is the latest technology that has been developed by the doctors. As I said earlier, it is safe and beneficial for the patients. Therefore, if you are having any health issues, it will be the best way to get the solution.

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The Lawyer Who Treats His Clients Via Telemedicine: Is He Doing Harm or Helping?

Telemedicine has gained enormous popularity in recent times as a means to deliver healthcare services. Many renowned and leading organizations are opting to use telemedicine as a delivery mode. However, some people are raising concerns that it is not always the best option.

There is no denying that telemedicine is one of the most effective forms of healthcare delivery. People are turning towards this type of practice to deliver healthcare as it is considered less intrusive than conventional methods. There are many reasons why people prefer to use telemedicine rather than traditional means of treatment. One of the most important reason is the cost, which is much lesser when compared to the other modes.

There are many advantages to using this kind of practice as opposed to the traditional practices. People who are confined to the hospital beds can now go online and consult doctors using a chat service. Many experts argue that this is a great step in the right direction and there is nothing wrong in encouraging people to go online for consultation.

However, many people are still skeptical about the effectiveness of this method. They fear that it may not be the most effective way of delivering healthcare.

How does it work?

When a patient visits his/her doctor for a medical checkup, the doctors will usually recommend certain tests, medicines, and treatments. These are mostly carried out in the doctor’s office. In case the person has to travel a distance, he/she will usually be given a referral form. The doctor will then request the form to the hospital. When the form reaches the hospital, it will be processed and the patient will be directed to the relevant department.

However, in case the patient is not comfortable with traveling to a clinic, he/she can avail telemedicine services. In this case, a doctor will diagnose and provide the advice to the patient via an online service.

Benefits of using telemedicine

According to some medical experts, the benefits of using telemedicine are numerous. Here are some of them:

Better Patient Experience: In case a person uses this kind of practice, he/she will get access to the best facilities. This will ensure that he/she gets the best treatment at the lowest possible price. With the help of telemedicine, a person will be able to consult the best specialist in the city, regardless of where he lives.

No Time Delay: People can easily reach a clinic in case they are experiencing certain health issues. However, this kind of practice allows people to visit their doctors even when they are working or traveling. They will also get to see a doctor immediately and discuss their medical problem.



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