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My Favorite Criminal Defense Lawyers – Meet Joe, the Hard Working and Talented New Attorney: New tips 2022

Meet Joe, the Hard Working and Talented New Attorney;Criminal Defense Lawyers

Hi, I’m Joe, a very talented lawyer.

Today, I’m going to introduce myself and let you know what my background is and why I decided to become a criminal defense attorney. I’ll also tell you who my favorite clients are and give you a little insight into my life as an attorney.

So, where do I come from?Criminal Defense Lawyers

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I graduated from California State University with a degree in Political Science. After graduation, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in entertainment law.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

My first major case as a new lawyer was for an alleged hit and run in East Harlem. In that particular case, the client was driving drunk and hit a pedestrian. The client was charged with Felony DWI. That was my first experience defending a criminal case.

From there, I moved to New York’s most dangerous and violent neighborhood, The Bronx. I defended people charged with assault and murder. The Bronx is notorious for its crime. I defended a man charged with the murder of a cab driver. He was accused of firing a shot into the cab driver’s chest. I argued that the client didn’t kill the cab driver, his friends did.

That was a really interesting case. Unfortunately, the defendant was convicted of second degree murder. The jury found him guilty and he received a 20-25 year sentence. From there, I decided to leave New York City to live in a smaller city where I could focus on being a criminal defense attorney. I moved to Santa Monica, California


I began to take on cases in the suburbs and smaller towns. I became a specialist in criminal law.Criminal Defense Lawyers.

My favorite clients are those who are not rich or famous. I defend people who have had terrible experiences with the police.

For example, my client was charged with a DUI and had two prior arrests for DUI. My client was stopped by the police for speeding. The police gave him a breathalyzer test and it showed that he was above the legal limit. He was arrested and charged with DUI. At his court date, the prosecutor filed an enhancement against him. This enhancement meant that if he were convicted of DUI, he could be sentenced to prison for two years and he would lose his license for six months.

His defense was that the police illegally administered the breathalyzer test.Criminal Defense Lawyers; If they weren’t certified, then it was invalid. The judge heard arguments from both sides and then ruled that he would allow the jury to determine whether or not the breathalyzer was certified.

The jury found that the breathalyzer was not certified. So, the judge declared a mistrial and sent the case back to the police department to be retested.

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The second trial was much different. The defense showed that the police officer who was administering the breathalyzer was not certified. The prosecution’s argument was that the police department had a policy of retesting any breathalyzer test that showed a blood Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Why choose Joe?

The reason why you should contact a criminal defense attorney like Joe is quite simple. The vast majority of criminal lawyers are not capable of handling cases as efficiently and effectively as Joe is. Joe will not just do the bare minimum and settle for anything less than the best.

His passion for fighting for your rights in court and his drive to win each case will inspire you to never give up. Joe will make sure that you receive the best possible outcome for your situation.Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Your case will be handled with care and attention and you will receive the highest quality legal services that you deserve.

Call Joe Today!

Joe will represent you and will defend you against the charges that have been levied against you. Contact Joe today to learn more about his services.

Call Joe: (414) 966-1020

Website: www.joedoughertylaw.com

Email: joedoughertylaw@gmail.com



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