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Multi-Car Crash Claims Are on the Rise: New tips 2023

10 Things That Cause Car Accidents

Multi-Car Crash Claims;Car accidents are the most common issues faced by all the car owners. Driving on the roads is risky as not only it can cause injuries but it can also cause serious damages to your car.

In some cases, these accidents are caused by other drivers. The reasons for such car crashes are many and they vary from weather conditions to other reasons.

Nowadays people spend a lot of money on their cars as the vehicles come with various features. Multi-Car Crash Claims;These features don’t come cheap and the total cost of buying a car is also high.

However, there are certain things that can cause a car accident. If you know the causes of these car accidents, then it will be a lot easier for you to avoid such accidents.

So here are some of the main causes of car accidents:

Lack of Knowledge

It is a well known fact that a lack of knowledge is the main reason of these car accidents.Multi-Car Crash Claims; There are several things that a driver must know before getting into the vehicle. Some of the most important things are:

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• Proper driving techniques

• Traffic regulations

• How to park a car

• Speed limits

• Signals and others

Lack of Experience

Driving is not a child’s game, you need to have driving experience.Multi-Car Crash Claims; Driving skills are developed through experience and this experience can only be acquired through driving. So, if you haven’t had any driving experience, then you need to take a training course to learn how to drive.

Distracted Driving

Another major reason of road accidents is distraction. People are very busy nowadays and they don’t even have time to focus on what is happening around them. Distracted driving can happen due to social media, phone, and other sources. Multi-Car Crash Claims;If you have a smartphone in your pocket, then this can become a source of distraction. Also, if you have a social media account, then you must keep yourself updated by reading updates. Multi-Car Crash Claims;All these things take your focus away from driving.


Drivers who speed tend to get into an accident. Speeding can also cause damages to the car. In such cases, the car might get damaged or people can get injured. In order to avoid speeding, you must have good awareness. Multi-Car Crash Claims;You must avoid distractions while driving as they are very dangerous.

Poor Road Conditions

Bad roads can cause an accident. There are many places where the roads are full of potholes, bumps and other things. If you have the bad luck to drive in such a place, then you are bound to have a bad accident.Multi-Car Crash Claims; You must ensure that you are aware of the road conditions and you must also wear a seat belt.

The number of multi-car crashes are on the rise in India. People driving too fast, drunk driving, road accidents are the main causes of multi-car crash claims.

What is a multi-car crash?

Multi-car crashes are defined as any collision between two or more than two vehicles. Usually these accidents occur in a busy junction, at a roundabout, or the roads where speed is very high.

Multi-car crashes are one of the most common car accident cases. And according to a survey of auto experts, the cost of multi-car accidents in 2012 was more than US $40 billion (INR 2.4 lakh crores).

Why are multi-car crashes becoming so common?

Roads in India are a dangerous place, the roads are full of potholes and accidents are bound to happen.Multi-Car Crash Claims; There is a higher rate of fatal road accidents in India because of the unsafe driving conditions. Also, the vehicles are designed without proper safety measures, like blind spots, rear view mirrors, air bags etc.

Moreover, cars with an older technology are being replaced with new model ones in the country, which means a bigger problem of replacing the old technology with modernized one. Also, the road accidents in India have become quite common due to the growing population of the country, and the government’s neglect in maintaining the roads.

How do you avoid a multi-car crash?Multi-Car Crash Claims

To avoid a multi-car crash, drivers should be careful, the first thing that a driver needs to do is to check the distance between the cars and the traffic condition. When the distance between the cars is less, then you can avoid the collision between the cars.

A safe driving is very important, but the biggest risk is the drivers who are drunk or under the influence of drugs. The intoxicated drivers are responsible for more than half of all traffic accidents, therefore, they must be careful while driving.


We all know that driving is a dangerous job but sometimes we fail to keep our self safe. If you have been in such a situation, then you can share your experience in the comments section.



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