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How To Spot A Fake Cracked Windshield Claim: New tips 2023

How To Spot A Fake Cracked Windshield Claim

Cracked Windshield Claim;As the saying goes that “One man’s burden is another man’s profit”. As we know that auto insurance is one of the important aspects of life because of its essential importance. Auto insurance companies provide us a complete protection to our vehicles against any sort of risks. However, we have to maintain some strict rules in our cars like keeping it maintained well, not driving the vehicle at high speed, checking the spare parts regularly etc.Cracked Windshield Claim; In order to keep our cars safe and intact, we have to check the windshields regularly.

Although windshields are very important for our cars, but we don’t know how important it is. Cracked Windshield Claim;We keep our vehicles in the garage and only when required, then we need to drive the vehicle.

But, there is a chance of damage to the windshields and it is very important that if any glass is broken or crack, then it should be repaired immediately.Cracked Windshield Claim; However, we don’t know that if the windshields are repaired by the auto repair stores or the insurance companies.

When the windshield is repaired by the auto repair store, then the cost of repair is usually low and also the quality is good. But, the issue is that the customer has to pay a hefty amount for the repair. On the other hand, if the auto repair store does not have the insurance, then it is always a risk that the customer has to take a huge burden.

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If we go for the windshield claim then it is considered as a smart and a smart deal for the auto repair store. There are some chances of an auto insurance company to pay the windshield claims.

However, if the insurance company does not pay the claim, then there is a chance that the auto repair store may sue them in the court. Even if they win in the court, it is very difficult for the auto repair store to recover the money from the insurance company.

Therefore, we must avoid making a fake cracked windshield claim. The above mentioned things are the main reasons of making a fake cracked windshield claim.

5 Ways to Spot a Fake Crack in the windshield

How to spot a fake crack in the windshield

Today’s topic is quite interesting, because I am going to tell you the 5 ways to spot a fake crack in the windshield. You might ask how to spot a fake crack in the windshield, but this article will teach you, how you can easily identify if it is real or fake crack.

In the previous days, there were some people who were trying to cheat their way into the insurance company, but now a days all the insurance companies are checking the authenticity of the claims. So, let’s see what you need to know about it and how to identify a fake crack.

It’s important that you check the damage, then take it to a professional and check the authenticity of the crack, as the claim is fake if you do the repair of the damage yourself.

Here is some information that will help you to identify the fake cracked windshield:

Fake Cracks

Fake cracks are the common fake claims. The fake crack usually looks like an old crack or a new crack. If you have a fake crack, the insurance will provide you the cash advance.


The major reason of fake crack is the over saturation. When you saturate the cracks, then it will increase the pressure on the glass and the cracks will spread. The other reason is the improper installation of the windshield.

Fake Crack

If the crack looks like a real crack then you should immediately visit a repair shop for the damage.


So, don’t try to make the fake windshield claims. Instead, get the best and genuine repair services from the reputed auto repair stores and the insurance companies.



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