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How to Avoid Paying Too Much for a Towing Loan: New tips 2023

Towing Loan; Towing is a dangerous task and it makes people feel helpless, but paying for a tow truck is the biggest risk they have to face when their car breaks down. Towing companies are getting more popular and this makes them rich because of their excessive charges.

There are some tips that you need to follow to avoid getting into such dangerous situations.Towing Loan; These tips will save you from getting into a deep hole of debts and from paying too much money for towing.

Use the phone

If you are using your phone to call the tow truck service then it is better to keep a mobile phone near the car.Towing Loan; You need to contact the tow truck company with this number and let them know where you are.

Don’t drive fast;Towing Loan

You need to drive in a safe way and don’t try to save time and distance by driving fast. Towing Loan;You should reach the tow truck service within a specific time frame. You need to follow the instructions given by the tow truck service.

Keep emergency gear in the car

Every car owner must keep an emergency kit in the car. This kit includes tools such as jumper cables, flashlight, first aid kit, tow strap, a shovel, rope, jack and a tool box. You need to keep all these things in the car and also carry them in case your car breaks down.

Never leave the keys in the car

You need to keep the car locked and when you get out of the car, you need to take the key with you.Towing Loan; Never leave the car without the keys and make sure that the keys are always in your hands.

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Keep the windows closed

It is always better to keep the windows closed while your car is broken down.Towing Loan; If the doors are open, then the air will escape. You can keep the car window rolled up, but make sure that the broken glass is covered by a blanket.

Don’t stop at the toll

You need to follow the rules and don’t stop at the toll roads, if you stop then it will take more time for you to reach the tow truck service. This will make you spend more money.

10 Reasons to Avoid the Auto-Tow Vehicle Option

You have been driving for decades without any major problems. However, suddenly one day you notice that your car battery has become weak and you have no spare batteries.

As you look for a solution to the issue, you come across towing companies that can tow your car to the nearest auto-tow shop. What you do not realize is that auto-towing is quite expensive as compared to regular towing. Towing Loan;The difference in price can be up to a few hundred dollars.

Auto-towing is a solution for a vehicle that is completely dead or in dire need of a battery replacement. To avoid the auto-tow option, there are several reasons to consider before you opt for the same.

1. Price

To begin with, auto-towing is expensive as compared to regular towing. On an average, the cost of an auto-tow is around $300, whereas a regular towing costs only $100. When you calculate the total cost for a complete vehicle recovery, the difference becomes even bigger.

2. Time

An auto-tow takes a lot of time as the auto-tow company takes care of everything. You need to wait for the auto-tow to arrive, and when you have arrived at the shop, it will take a lot of time for the mechanic to fix the problem.Towing Loan; This means that the time you save by not towing your vehicle is lost.

3. Safety

Auto-towing is not a risk free solution. If you tow a vehicle that is not registered for towing, you will need to pay a fine. You will also have to pay extra for storing the vehicle in their shops.

4. Damage

The auto-tow option is not a suitable solution for damaged vehicles. If the vehicle is damaged beyond repair, then you can opt for a different option. The auto-tow will be only useful if you have a fully functional vehicle that is running.

5. Unsuitable location

The auto-tow companies do not know the best tow spots to take the vehicle to. You need to drive your vehicle to the towing company to check the location of the nearest auto-tow. You also need to know if the location is a good towing spot.


These are some important tips that you need to follow in case of car breakdowns. Always make sure that you have a good emergency kit and if you follow these tips you can avoid paying high towing charges.



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