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Get Your Divorce Right – The Alimony Attorney’s Guide To Getting The Best Settlement Possible: New Tips 2023

Alimony Attorney: What is alimony?

Divorce Right; Alimony is an important thing in everyone’s life because it helps to maintain the family when a divorce takes place. Alimony is a payment to the partner who left his family to be with his or her lover.

What Is Alimony: Divorce Right

According to the US Department of Labor, alimony is the payment to a spouse or former spouse who is living separately from a spouse or former spouse. Alimony is usually paid by a person who is providing the support to his or her ex-spouse, but not necessarily living with him or her.

Alimony Payments are based on the following factors:

Alimony Payments are paid monthly, weekly or based on a percentage of your ex-spouse’s income.

Alimony payments should be considered part of the marital estate and divided as part of the property division.

How to Calculate Alimony:

The court will decide how much alimony will be paid. Factors the court will consider are:

Your ability to pay.

Duration of the marriage.Divorce Right

Length of the child rearing years.

Amount of child support.

Number of children.

Extent of support necessary to provide basic needs.

Your spouse’s financial situation.

Whether you have been supporting your spouse during the marriage.

Your earning potential.

Your expenses.Divorce Right

Your spouse’s earning potential.

Your age.

Your spouse’s health.

Alimony can be paid for a limited time period or an unlimited time period.

Types of Alimony:

Spousal Support (Former Spouses and Child Support):

If the spouse or the child is still in need of the spouse’s support.

Income Shares.

Payments are based on your spouse’s income, while you receive a percentage of the payments.

Pension Sharing:Divorce Right

Pension sharing occurs when one spouse’s pension is divided between both parties after a divorce.

Modified Marital Property:

It is a type of property that can be awarded to either party. The value of the property is reduced and then it is divided equally.

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Payment by Deed:

Payments are made by signing an agreement between you and your ex-spouse.

Rehabilitative Alimony:Divorce Right

It is given to rehabilitate the disadvantaged spouse.

Child Support:

Support for the spouse and children that are not a dependent of the court.

Rehabilitative Alimony:

It is meant to rehabilitate the needy party, it is provided to a spouse with children who are incapable of earning a living.

Income Sharing:

An award is made to a spouse with income, but who cannot earn a living, to equalize the income between the spouses.

Unemployment Benefits:Divorce Right

It is a payment to a worker who is unemployed. It is a type of unemployment benefits.


This is a court order that determines the amount of spousal support to be paid.


It is always good to get a divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers

4 Best Reasons to Choose A Professional Divorce Attorney

Are you thinking that hiring an attorney in your divorce proceedings will cost you a bomb?Divorce Right; Are you thinking that this is a waste of money and it won’t change anything? Well, it’s better to spend wisely than getting a divorce without a lawyer.

Divorce is not a simple process, it’s a complicated legal process, and it involves many things. You need a skilled divorce lawyer who will guide you throughout the whole process and help you to get what you want.

Let’s check some of the top 4 reasons why hiring a divorce attorney is the right choice.

Help you understand the laws

You have been married for a very long time. You have kids, you have your own house and you have a life that you have lived for years. But, the law changes. People don’t think about the laws when they are married, but later when the time comes to file a divorce then they realize that the laws were not in their favor and they have lost a lot of money, time, effort, and peace of mind.

Hiring a divorce attorney will help you understand the law, he will explain to you in detail how to proceed and which step is right for you.

Protect your rights

No matter how much you love your spouse and trust him/her, if he/she isn’t behaving properly then you need to protect your rights. Your family is the most precious asset that you have, so you don’t want to lose this asset. Hire an experienced divorce attorney who will handle everything on your behalf. He will take care of everything from the very beginning of the divorce to the finalization of the papers.



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