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Electric Meter Insurance: Is It Really Worth The Cost?

Electric Meter Insurance: Is It Really Worth The Cost?

Electric meter theft has increased and become a big issue in the US. If you have an electric meter then this might sound quite scary because it has everything connected to the internet. So, if you can’t trace the stolen meter, then you will lose thousands of dollars.

Insurance is an important thing that every individual needs to pay attention to. But, for a minor change in your home, insurance cost will be huge.

Electric meter insurance is available in the market, but not all insurance policies will cover you. So, you need to make sure that your policy is right and also you need to choose a right insurance agent who will be able to guide you.

In this article, I will share you some information related to electric meter insurance.

Who needs electric meter insurance?

If you have an electric meter at home, then it will be the first thing that will come into your mind. When you check out the electrical bill, then you will know how much electricity is used by the meter. So, if someone steals the meter, then he/she can easily see how much electricity is being used.

In some cases, the theft can lead to a bigger issue, so if your meter gets stolen then it is better that you call the local police.

What is the cost of electric meter insurance?

This is one of the most common questions asked by the individuals that are new to this market. If you have an electric meter and you don’t have any insurance then it will be the biggest loss that you will face.

There are different insurance companies that can help you in this regard. But, you need to make sure that you will only choose an insurance company that will give you the right coverage.

Electric Meters: Which one should you use?

Who says that electricity is the most important source of energy in our day to day life. Without electricity, no one can survive. The amount of electricity that we consume is increasing each day and as a result, the electricity bills are skyrocketing.

People who live in modern societies are more dependent on electric supply than the previous generations. Every person needs electricity in order to work, play, entertain and so on. The modern age is full of innovation and technology but without electricity, nothing works.

Nowadays, almost every person uses electricity in their day to day lives. As a result, the number of electricity connections in the country is growing day by day. The majority of the people are facing a huge problem as to what electricity meter should they install.

There are three types of meters that are used in the country. Those are Gas, water and electric meters. The gas and water meters are mostly used in houses where water and gas are supplied from a local supplier. Electric meters are used in the offices, shops, factories, etc.

But as electricity meter is a very important instrument for the day to day life of any household, it is extremely vital that we buy the right meter. We need to consider several factors while choosing the electric meter.

The type of the place where you intend to install the meter

Do you want to use an analog or digital meter?

If you have bought an old house, then you can install the analog meter. As a result, the electric bills will be much higher.

If you have bought a new house, then you can install a digital meter. As a result, the bills will be much less.

The price of the electric meter

Different companies are selling different electric meters for different price. The most expensive meters are those that have the digital technology. In addition to this, the price of a meter increases as its capacity increases. The low-cost electric meters are analog meters.

The size of your household

If your family is big, then you will need more electricity. It means that you will need an electric meter that will be able to handle all the electricity consumption of your household.


This is one of the most common question that the people are asking these days. It is very easy to get an insurance, but not every insurance policy will cover you in all the situations. So, if you want to get the maximum coverage and also make your life safer, then you should definitely go for the insurance policy.



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