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HomeloanCement Factory Loan To Build Your Own Business: New Tips 2023

Cement Factory Loan To Build Your Own Business: New Tips 2023

5 Reasons Why Cement Factory Loan Is The Best Option

Cement Factory Loan; Cement manufacturing is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in India. In a country which is witnessing rapid industrialization and economic growth, cement manufacturing has a huge potential. It is estimated that the cement industry contributes to about 15% of total GDP, 7% of total exports and provides employment to over 30 lakh workers.

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However, despite having such huge demand and tremendous potential, the sector is still facing a number of issues like low capacity utilization, lack of modern technology, high cost of raw materials, etc.

Due to the poor financial condition of most of the cement plants, banks have become hesitant to offer loans for these units. But, if you take a closer look, you will see that there are a few factors which make this sector an excellent investment.

If you wish to start your own cement factory business, then Cement Factory Loan is the perfect option.

1) Huge Demand For Cement

Cement is one of the most important construction materials that is widely used in industries, homes and commercial buildings. A single cement plant consumes around 1,100 MT of cement per day.

The demand for cement in India is expected to reach 35.3 million tons in 2014, increasing by a whopping 19.7% from the previous year. It is expected to grow further in the years to come and reach 42.1 million tons by 2019.

2) Potential For Expansion

According to the Indian Bureau of Statistics (INDBS), India’s cement production capacity is around 17 million tons, which is less than half of the total demand. However, the demand is expected to rise rapidly.

It is estimated that India’s cement production capacity will increase by 25.5% by 2015 and 46.9% by 2019, which will help in meeting the demand.

According to experts, around 50 million acres of land will be required to meet the projected demand. Currently, only about 2.4 million acres of land is available for cement manufacturing in India.

If you wish to start your own cement manufacturing unit, then Cement Factory Loan is the perfect option.

3) Low Investment Cost

Cement manufacturing involves large investments in terms of machinery and technology. The initial investments range from $2-20 million and are made up of different components like equipment, machinery and machinery, etc.

Most of the cement manufacturing units also require considerable manpower in terms of human resources and skilled workers. The annual salary of a skilled worker ranges from $14,000 to $38,000.

It is therefore easy to see why this sector is a high risk, high return investment.

4) Easy Access To Capital

If you wish to start your own cement manufacturing unit, then Cement Factory Loan is the perfect option. Most of the cement factories are facing problems in getting a good rate of interest, due to which most of the units remain un-utilized.

But, this sector can provide you with a better rate of return, because it involves low capital. The annual interest rate of a cement factory loan.

What is a Cement Factory Loan?

Cement is a very important part of construction industry. The production of cement involves the process of mixing different kinds of minerals and sand in order to produce the cement. In India, cement manufacturing is done by a number of private companies which use different methods and technologies to make cement. A cement factory is a big structure where huge amount of cement is produced. It produces cement on a large scale in factories.

Many business entrepreneurs try to start a cement factory on their own but most of them do not manage to generate enough profit in order to survive and hence fail. When such cases arise, it is possible for a loan company to help business owners who have invested their money in a cement plant to make good profits.

A cement factory loan is a loan which helps the business owner to run his/her cement factory without any financial burden. The capital of the factory is borrowed by the borrower and is repaid to the bank after a fixed period of time.

Types of loans

The types of loans provided by banks include:

1. Cement Factory Loans

2. Industrial Loans

3. Commercial and Construction Loans

4. Agricultural and Rural Loans

5. Micro and Small Loans

Benefits of a cement factory loan

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Some of the main benefits of a loan which help the business owner to run his/her factory include:

1. Reduced risk of failure

2. No delay in repayment of loan

3. No need for additional investment

4. No interest on the loan

5. Easy availability of loan

6. No delay in paying the loan

7. Flexible repayment plans

8. Longer repayment period

9. Simple process of application



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